Now available online at our exclusive distributor:

Now available online at our exclusive distributor:

This is why we’re different:
Pure isolate CBD.

Alia Science was developed by Dr. Jacob Silverstone, a Board Certified forefoot, rear-foot, and ankle reconstruction surgeon who’s trained under some of the top foot and ankle surgeons in the country. Dr. Silverstone personally formulates all the oils. We never use diluted full spectrum oil we only infuse with hemp derived Pure Isolate CBD. The Doctor also adds well known targeted supplements that work in conjunction with the CBD.

The results speak for themselves as we now have over 85,000 satisfied customers.

No prescription is needed to purchase our oils. Our products have zero THC (non-detectable Delta 9) which makes them ideal for industries that perform random drug tests such as airlines or law enforcement.


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Everyone is Selling CBD!

CBD products have become the wild west! There are so many different variations and labels leaving consumers dazed and confused! Folks are bottling and selling CBD out of their garage! The full spectrum industry has even made up the term “entourage effect”, which they tout as medical related result. It is not.

Some CBD products are just a money making scheme and contain no CBD or less CBD then the label suggests. The FDA is actively rooting out unscrupulous vendors who make medical claims and mislabel products.

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Read the Label!

And about that mislabeling? Well our Doctor found that mislabeling is a very common practice to lure customers. The most troubling trend is to label products with massive mg (milligrams) quantities of CBD. You will find products labeled 10,000-50,000mg of CBD but turning over the bottle to view the nutritional label tells a different story. In a full spectrum or broad spectrum product, the total mg will include all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in the entire hemp plant. These are not classified as CBD. They call it “Hemp Extract” or “CBD Blend” because it contains the entire plant. All those plant parts are counted in the total milligrams therefore the label is misleading.

The only studied cannabinoid is cannabidiol which is “CBD”. All other cannabinoid CBD’s and plant parts are just fillers! When shopping for CBD, remember, CBD is the most expensive ingredient in the bottle. That is why pure isolates are far and few between.

So purchasing a 30,000mg product of “CBD oil” will reveal the actual CBD content is very low. Often it is 5-19%. This means that out of the 30,000mg you are likely only consuming 200mg or less of pure CBD in the entire bottle! A pure isolate product is 99% pure CBD so if the label says 500mg then there is 500mg of CBD in the bottle.

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Trust a Doctor Formulated Brand.

Alia Science only infuses with 99% pure CBD. We start with industrial Hemp and CO2 extract CBD from the stalks. We never use alcohol or chemicals to extract our CBD. Our founder, Dr. Jacob Silverstone, personally formulates the CBD oils. The products are accurately labeled so you consume exactly what is applied to our label which is 99% pure CBD in every bottle. Our bottles are made of glass to remain BPA free.

The oils are produced in a FDA regulated facility and all products are lot numbered and registered by the lab. We have full testing on the oils for potency as well as heavy metals, chemical residue, mold, fungus, mycotoxins and water content. We made sure the CBD you are consuming is safe and controlled for quality. Click Here for our Analysis Certificate

But we did not stop there! Our Doctor realized there are many benefits to other supplements that are widely published throughout the medical community. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory that stops pains in it’s tracks so it was added to the Pain and Inflammation Formula. Melatonin is well know to help relax the body and induce REM sleep, therefore it has been added to the Sleep Time Formula. Headaches can be debilitating so the Doctor added Feverfew & Butterbur to to the Headache Formula. And finally, anxiety and stress are the silent killers so the Doctor added B12 to the Original Formula to reduce those effects!

We know it can be overwhelming so we gladly will answer your CBD questions! Feel free to reach out to us!

Email: 24/7
Toll Free Phone: 800-240-5821 Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm EST

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A note from our doctor.

As a physician, I was introduced to CBD by a colleague who was intrigued by its possible benefits to the human body. Myself, I suffered from severe migraines and began to conduct my own experiments with CBD isolate back in 2010. I knew that targeted supplements, such as Turmeric a powerful anti-inflammatory, can reduce pain. So, I decided to create some formulas that combined CBD with various compounds. My own research with CBD and targeted supplements led me to create Alia Science.

CBD products have become a lot like the Wild West. They are often mislabeled and inaccurately measured. Some CBD products are just a money-making scheme and contain no CBD or less CBD than the label suggests. I realized the need for a product that was effective and did not create false positive results by simply making you high through the addition of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. My patients needed relief, not be drugged.

At Alia Science, we start with industrial Hemp and through a preferred CO2 process, extract the CBD from the plant stalks. We never use alcohol or toxic chemicals in the making of our product. The result is pure isolate CBD. In June of 2018 the FDA approved an anti-seizures drug that contains pure isolate CBD. To date, the only recognized CBD remains pure isolate.

I personally formulate the CBD oils. The containers are accurately labeled so you consume exactly what is required and our bottles are made of glass to remain BPA free. The oils are produced in an FDA regulated laboratory facility with all products being lot numbered and registered.

We have full testing on the oils for potency and to ensure the lack of heavy metals, pesticides, mold, fungus, mycotoxins, and correct water content. Our lab analysis’s are published right here! We make sure the CBD you are consuming is safe and the targeted supplements are therapeutic and of the highest possible quality for maximum effectiveness.


Alia Science Founder, Dr. Jacob Silverstone, D.P.M.

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